Edo big girl who sells her body for N1630 in Italy cries out to family in Nigeria

Edo big girl who sells her body for N1630 in Italy cries out to family in Nigeria...

An Edo big girl in Italy has voiced out in a video about the things she goes through while trying to make money. The big girl who sells her body for £5, an equivalent of N1630 , took her time to lecture those who keep demanding for money from her in Nigeria.

The girl who obviously went to Italy to hustle and make money made it clear that getting money is not easy as someone who wants to make as much as £200, an equivalent of N65200, would have to work hard for it.

The Edo state indigene who spoke in her local dialect and pidgin kept saying girls’ bodies get hot before they have access to that kind of money. She did not find it funny that people call her every now and then to ask for money which she hustles hard to get.


With the way she spoke in the video, she was angry with the demands made by her family members. She reiterated that people do not know how she makes her money or the things that she endures to get the money.

TRENDINGINFOTECH.COM finds it awful to know the youths in the society are wasting away and not doing things that are worthwhile. There is diligence in labor; there is no way anyone would be proud of the Edo girl’s profession. The video says it all.
Check also the reactions gathered by her shamelessness. Women were embarrassed to know that a young lady is going off selling her body and streaming herself live to make a rude confession like that.

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