In marriage counselling, there is something called “Crisis triplet”. 

They are so called because they constitute about 95% of marriage crisis. As a matter of fact, if they are rightly handled, the possibility of marriage crashing will become very minimal. These are: SEX, MONEY AND THIRD PARTY.

MONEY. Money is said to be the answer to all things but its love is the root of all evil. It is needed to build and develop our homes, and its mismanagement can also destroy any family no matter how strong or solid. I perfectly agree with Mary Hunt when she said, “We worship it, have love affairs with it, blame it, hate it, dream about it, live for it, curse it, pray for more of it, sacrifice our families for it, hand over our lives to it and wind up in bondage to it. It is our best friend and our worst Enemy”.


Couples should be wise to be in charge of their money and never allow money to take charge of their life and relationship. Lack of money or its mismanagement are potent weapon that can destroy any marriage. We must be wise to handle our financial life with love.

Though I will not claim to be a financial counsellor, I will offer my candid advice most especially to young couples about how to handle money at home.

Note this:– Money or lack of it will reveal your true character or love.
-When couples cannot be open to each other in the area of money then, they are not really open in any area.
– Money may be an inanimate object but we all attach great emotional significance to it.
– Money becomes our worst enemy if it is not handled by the couple with love, trust, wisdom and openness.
– Money only becomes our friend if we, as a couple, learn to partner on decisions related to it.
– Money is a serious matter in a marriage relationship. In fact, MATRIMONY can be said to be MATRI-MONEY.
– Money is a strong defense (Ecc. 7:12:10:19). It protects the family from disgrace, embarrassment, ridicule and contempt. It also provides pleasure and comfort and moves the family forward.

Managing money appropriately does not come by accident, you have to learn about it.


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