Infidelity (also referred as cheating, adu ltery (when married), being unfaithful, or having an affair) is a violation of a couple's assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or s*xual exclusivity.


Infidelity in a marriage can be devastating, and may lead to divorce or violence. The reasons for cheating are varied, and are usually not as simple as a desire for more frequent or exciting s*x.

Knowing some of the reasons for infidelity
can help you recognize it when trouble appears, and may prevent a situation from spiraling out of control.

1. Feeling Neglected

This is one of the most dangerous emotional problems in any marriage. As long you make your partner feel that he or she is the number 1 in  your life, everything would look and feel wonderful. When this changes and you find yourself paying more attention to your
career, children, social life, relatives, your partner or spouse would feel neglected.

In such time it is easier for them to find the security and affection missing at home through an

2. Low self-Esteem.

Sometimes, lack of appreciation, work stress and aging makes a person feel less wanted, less valuable. This is highly accentuated around middle-age. In order to boost their low esteem they choose to prove to
themselves that they are still"valued"in the market and go ahead an develop an extramarital affair.

3. Seeking Excitement

In some cases the marriage reach a point where both partners take each other for granted and though there is nothing really amiss, there are no more sparks there, either. The involvement therefore, would be something that adds a little excitement to amundane life.

4. Too much work and too little leisure.

In fact middle age being the time you are contemplating a big move or a big step towards establishing yourself as a successful professional, you might tend to spend too little time with your family.

What happens in that case is that your partner
would look elsewhere for company, talking, affection and the"understanding"that they are no longer receiving from you. Often these"finding a better company"would turn into full fledge affairs.

5. Falling Out of Love 

This is very much possible and true. This can happen to anyone -you or your partner - and when it does it would be necessary to accept the fact, keeping in mind that under no circumstance the affairs of
the heart cannot be forced, bought or manipulated. In order to keep the fires burning in the heart, you need to ensure that you communicate closely, share responsibilities in and out the home, including raising the children, among others.

6. Low S*x in Marriage


When s*x becomes an obligation or happens occasionally, your spouse may lose his or her interest in the marriage. Passionate and satisfying lovemaking is crucial for a successful marriage. It shows the level. Of intimacy between the husband and wife. If your spouse has to keep pestering you for sex or you deny it every time he or she asks for it, note that you are making a huge mistake. Your marriage is a
low s*x marriage in which you are denying sexual pleasure to your spouse, thereby giving him or her a strong reason to look for s*x outside of your relationship.


Sexual activity releases powerful hormones that help
couples stay together and build trust. When
people have numerous casual s*x partners before marriage, and these relationships end, it causes a break in that natural bond. This can lead to a sense of loss, betrayal, unwelcome memories and other problems.

These can affect a marriage later on. Having multiple s*x partners before marriage increases depression and higher rates of infidelity and divorce in future marriages.

8. Lack of Communication

Remember a marriage is not about ‘you’ or ‘I’, but ‘we’. Infidelity happens when there is the ingredients of a successful marriage exist scantily. Due to lack of
communication with your spouse, you may not be fulfilling his or her emotional, mental and sexual needs.

Your inability to realise and meet your spouse’s needs is a reason enough for him or her to resort to outside help. For marital happiness, give your partner the platform to express his or her desires and emotions. Talk to your partner and sort out all the differences you have.

9. Boredom


Partners in a relationship that has no sense of excitement, adventure and fun in it, find it hard to stay in the relationship. Lost spark of a relationship can lead the husband or wife to look out for opportunities outside of the marriage, thereby inviting infidelity . Your marriage must be lacking spontaneity where you and your spouse may not be able to discuss and communicate mutual desires, mutual plans and set of goals.

Be creative and freshen up your marriage by surprising your husband or wife with unexpected plans such as a weekend trip, going for spa
sessions together and seducing him or her once again.

10. Lack of Affection

Another cause of infidelity is the lack of showing affection. Some people are less sentimental, less romantic, less generous when it comes to expressing love, but that’s no excuse to neglect your lover!

And don’t think that only women crave affection, men need to feel loved too, they also like to receive sweet words and cute love gestures. Some of those who cheat their lovers crave for tenderness, and that’s why they end up seeking affection in someone else’s arms.
So don’t forget to show your love from time to time. If you don’t like to express your love through words, try showing it through actions. Kiss your lover more often, embrace him when you’re sleeping, make him cute surprises, anything you think of to show your affection.

Trust me, this kind of behavior is going to improve your relationship and keep infidelity far from it.

Thank You



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