What is depression? 

Depression is the act of pressing down, a low state, a sinking of the spirit, dejection, lack of courage or strength.

 People who are depressed lose interest in things they previously enjoyed. They may feel worthless, lonely, hopeless or be unable to concentrate. I think the feeling of depression is one of the worst feelings there is.


Situational depression always have a root source. Quite often it is disappointment. When expectations are defeated or desire is frustrated, we usually feel disappointed,and it's understandable to feel that way. If i put a lot of effort into a thing and it bears no fruit, then i feel that i wasted my time and start to feel discouraged. Dashed expectations also leads to disappointment. We expect certain things and behaviors from people and yet we don't always get what we expect.

Sometimes the way people behave shocks us and leaves us disappointed. We also expect certain things from ourselves and then let ourselves down. We expect things from God, and for reasons known only to Him, He doesn't do what we expect.

 -The best thing to do when we feel disappointed is to get reappointed. Shake off the disappointment and get a new dream, vision, goal, or plan. In God, there is always a place of new beginnings. It is never too late to begin again!

         Discouragement is another root of depression. The discouraged person is disheartened; he/she feels like quitting or giving up; lose hope and feels no courage to keep going. It's a serious mistake to look at what other people have and compare it to what you have. God has an individual and unique plan for each of us, and comparison only tends to be a source of discouragement or pride. If we feel that we are better off than others, we may become prideful; if we feel that they are better off than us, we may become discouraged and even depressed. Learn to be contented with what you have and always believe in yourself and your capability.


         Another root source of depression and discouragement is feeling bad about yourself. Feeling ashamed of who you are or suffering from abnormal guilt can easily make you depressed. If you don't like yourself, the bad feelings you have inside will be a continual source of inner pain. It is vital that you learn to accept and respect the person God made you to be.

All of our behavior may be far from what it needs you to be, but if we are willing to change, God will keep working with us, and every day we will get better and better in every way. Don't despise yourself because of your imperfections; instead, learn to celebrate your successes, even small ones.

  When God gave us the ability to control our thoughts, He gave us a wonderful ability. We have the ability to cheer ourselves up no matter what our circumstances are.

Each morning when the sun rises it declares, “It's a new day; let's start over.” Always say to yourself, depression and discouragement will not control me. I will be happy and enjoy my life.


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