How to setup solar systems for beginners or installers or home & office users in the right way yo increase power out put and duration of use

As an installer or a user who just want to setup a solar system either for home or office, there are things and tips, a dealer or solar installers won't tell you, which most of them don't know, is no just about knowing the voltage of solar panels and wattage or that of the battery, these ratings means nothing when you don't set your system in the right way. Most times people don't know that if you don't set a solar panel in the right direction for example, a solar panel with the rating of 40watts can only generate 20 or15 watts

This premium video is on:

1. The various parts of a solar system, how to connect them properly to maximize usage and duration etc

2. All about solar panels, how to position them, how to maximize their power (volts * current) output, how to maintain them, parallel & series connect to increase amp or volts respectively, solar panel sizing to match your battery amphr etc

3. All about the battery, parallel & series connection to increase amphr or volts respectively, battery equalization, maintenance, boast charge, float charge, lowest discharge  safety voltage and over charge safety voltage etc

4. Dc loads VS Ac loads, calculations of power, current, and watts, causes of current and voltage drop in DC and solution etc

5. Solar charge controller  detailed description on the two main types (pwm&mppt), their features, differences, cost, how to set the parameters and customize the various settings or input or output, pwm voltage lost correction, etc

4. Solar inverts, how to choose the correct one to match your battery amp, the things or features to lookout for in choosing an inverter, what the inverter does, how efficient they can be, how to calculate their efficiency VS applied  load etc

5. Circuit breakers & fuse applications where necessary for the correct protection ov your solar systems. 

Below is the demo video


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