Do you know how powerful you are as a woman?. Majority of women live in ignorant of their natural authority and abilities.

There is something about a woman that would make even a king kneel before a housemaid and beg . Remember  when King David was very old, a little young woman was brought to his side to engage him with memory of survival.
The true woman can share life you wouldn't get anywhere else.

Most men standing today are standing because inside them are thoughts of a great woman they are going home to meet everyday.
Majority of women are wasting their power thinking that they don't have it.
If every prostitute could end their job and try something else, they will change the world before men try to.
Women attract not just by their outside looks but by their inside abilities.


Have you listened to a wise woman explain life to you?  It is easy for a woman to make you feel connected to what you have been looking for.

When a woman is driven by purpose, she is likely going to achieve twice than a man. People give women attention. People value purpose driven women.

If you are a regular traveler and you just heard that the other airline you don't usually travel with has a young girl of 22 who is their pilot, you would love to switch airline for that reason.

As a woman, What do you discuss most with men as a woman? Talk about vision and not about emotion. Demand for what sustains your value and not what makes you look cheap and stupid at the end.
Demand from people principles to build your vision and not pills to start an abortion. Your womb is not a grave yard. Start giving birth to ideas and vision. Speak what would make anyone stand up and give you bigger space.

Stop asking for money all the time. Ask for ideas. Ask for principles that will mould you through the power you have. Most big restaurants today were started by women who dared their businesses under the tree with few pots, spoons and plates.

Don't talk about pants. Talk about plans.  Your mind in a day can earn for you what your pants would never dare for the rest of your life. The power under your pant has no capacity to shift you into your future. Sleeping with a president would not vote you into his place.

Men don't value you for your beauty. They value you for your virtues. Why do men that always have some women as their #babes but don't employ them in their businesses? They still employ virtouos women.
Think of how to build your own dreams. Stop looking for who to gossip about someone with. Look for someone that will inspire life
As a woman, you can choose not to walk into a hotel room with any man and still become influential than men who own hotels.
It is possible that a man of 50 would fly airplane to look for a girl of 15. If a woman has such power even at that age, any woman can change the world. You can make money fly aircrafts to your door. If you are good at your purpose, great life will always look for you.



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