S*x is not about the body. Some men feel if they marry a curvy, sexy, wife, all their sexual problems are solved. If s*x were about the body, none of the beautiful, sexy, curvy actresses and celebrities will be divorced. Nearly all of them divorced on the ground of adu*ltery! Their husbands have a side chick somewhere he’s been visiting.
Your sexy body alone won't make your husband stay committed forever, her beautiful body is no guarantee you will enjoy s*x in marriage!

I once had a friend who married a power packed woman! Her body was a power house! She was well proportioned and loaded at the right places! No matter what she wore, her natural endowments shot out conspicuously making lusty men drool on sighting her, yet her husband complained he never enjoyed s*x for once. They were both incompatible in all ramifications, then he had a very serious spiritual problem that threatened his life each time he had s*x with her. They are both divorced today.

Marriage is more than s*x and what keeps you panting and longing after your spouse making you want to touch, hold, merge and have s*x is not really the body. Time won't permit me to narrate stories of very beautiful women whose husbands are having affairs! Their wives' stunning beauty was not enough to keep them glued to the marriage!

Your beautiful body won't keep your husband! Beautiful ladies who think he will stay faithful forever because you have a Barbie face and Kim Kardashian body are in for a real shock in marriage!

Spiritual connection leads to emotional connection then physical connection. Meaning, you both think alike spiritually, have the same emotional wave length and enjoy each other's company! You also share the same core values and principles. What moves them moves you! What angers them angers you! What makes them tick makes you tick! You both believe in each other and work towards the achievement of your dreams and goals.


When you meet this person, you feel energetic, you come alive and you believe there is nothing in this world you cannot achieve. You feel really good around them because they make you feel good and accept you the way you are while helping you become a better person. You love to be in their company. You want to hold, touch and hug them and in marriage you want to have s*x with them over and over again! But if you are not compatible, they look so stupid to you. What moves you makes them feel dead! You feel irritated and frustrated whenever you are with them; the last thing you want to do is touch them. They do not even look appealing at all. The whole world may tell you you have the most attractive spouse in the universe, you just don't see it. To you, they look rather ugly because they are not meeting your needs. Your needs are very important in marriage, don't ever joke with it.

Infatuation may blind you to this reality in courtship, but marriage has a very powerful anointing for opening blind eyes. No matter how charming he looks or how sweetly she smiles, no matter how "connected" you feel to them, PRAY about your choice and find out if it is God's will for you, if not, please, let them go or you bite your fingers in regret for the rest of your married life!

When God gives you the bone of your bone, they will be compatible with you -Amos 3:3, if not, what you feel is infatuation or lust and it won't last.

For married women whose husbands are having affairs, you need to wake up and step up. You can't sit down, fold your arms and say "Whatever will be, will be." You are in real competition with that whore, so tighten your belt and get your husband back!

This is not the time to judge or criticize him, you will further push him out! Show him more respect. As a typical Yoruba woman, it won't break your back if you go on your two kneels and welcome him back from work with a hot meal awaiting him.

Agree with his plans, be his number one fan and cheer leader. Seduce him and give him hot, passionate s*x regularly. Try and get the picture of his mistress and take note of how she looks. Get a better hair do, wear fitted clothes, get good cream for your skin, (don't bleach if she's lighter than you are). Nicely, sweetly and lovingly ask what he likes about that lady. If you are not jealous, he will tell you. If you show agitation or any hint of jealousy, he will clam up!

Once he tells you, that is a powerful weapon, use it to your own advantage by doing the things he loves about his mistress. It's a matter of time, when his needs are met at home, he will soon forget she exists.
Above all, work on your character, that is real beauty. A humble, submissive, obedient, loving, compassionate, forgiving wife is beautiful any day, any time.

Singles should not marry anyone based on beauty alone, let the Lord guide you. You will not make a marital mistake in Jesus' name. God bless you. Cheers!



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